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Swing of Things Necklace



Like the idiom, “the swing of things”, which represents the normal flow and rhythm of daily life, so too this necklace is a fanciful interpretation of a pendulum embodying this expression. 

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Pendulums are a fitting visual representation of the ebb and flow of life. Someone wise once said “Remember this…Life is like a pendulum. When things go down, they will swing back up.” Using peyote, chevron chain and embellishing, this long svelte pendulum necklace is full of potential for any wardrobe.

Kit Details

Skill level: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Peyote

Techniques: Peyote (tubular & flat), Square Stitch, Picots, Scrollwork, Stitch-in-the-Ditch, Stringing

Dimensions: Length: Necklace section - 30", Pendulum/Tassle - 6"

Swing of Things Kit.jpg

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