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Pining Over You Lariat



Nature is the greatest creation that inspires and influences artists to create. Pining Over You is a design that emerged from the observation of pine trees in nature. Pine cones grow from pine trees and they come in many different forms and colors depending on the variety of tree. Specifically, this piece was inspired by the Bulgarian Fir cone which has a slender, elongated body with delicate scales giving it a very elegant appearance.

DSC03431 fixed.jpg
Pining Earring Mint Amethyst.jpg

Pining Over You is a lariat and earring set with the central theme being the pine cone. This pine cone is a three-dimensional structure created in seed beads using peyote and chevron chain stitches. It has a bezeled jewel at the tip in charlottes and seed beads. The lariat neck strap is swathe in pointed needles created using chevron chain stitch in seed beads and magatamas. The opposite end of the lariat features a pine cone tassel with fringe ending with tiny deep-set jewels bezeled in seed beads and charlottes. The earrings use the same techniques as the lariat in a diminutive size with rolo chain attaching them to an ear wire.

Kit Details

Skill Level: Intermediate

Square stitch

Beadwork kit includes:

  • 15° Japanese seed beads

  • 15° Czech charlottes

  • 3mm Magatama beads

  • 6mm round crystal pointed-back carbochons, Swarovski article 1028

  • Nymo beading thread

  • Size 12 beading needles

  • 2mm chain

  • 1 handy carrying case

Finished size: 30" (kit includes supplies to lengthen if desired)

Pining Over You Kit (1).jpg

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