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Queen Ester's Jewels Necklace and Earrings



Queen Ester is the central character in the Book of Ester. She was a woman of great beauty, grace and character. The fate of her people hung in the balance as she acted in a bold show of courage when she exposed a plot of evil and intrigue to massacre them. In risking her life for her people, she was well aware of the possible consequences of her stand as she stated, "I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish." Her selfless act of defending the innocent when she was in a position of power demonstrated her faith to her God, patriotism and courage of her character.

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Queen Ester's Jewels is a piece that is fit for a queen with this stately and lavish tiered garlands. Swarovski fancy stones are bezeled around the necklace and sumptuously embellish the chain across the front. Pear-shaped crystal drops are bezeled using chevron chain and hang from the front as pendant drops. The clasp is a delicate lasso catch that wraps around the last stone. The earrings match the main pendant drop and use a post and ear nut. Stitches used in this piece include herringbone, peyote, chevron chain and right angle weave.

This Queen Ester's Jewels kit comes in a number of color palettes put together by Melanie Potter that are all fun and classy.  

You can go with something like the Black Diamond for that evening dress kind of look that can be worn out on the dance floor.  Or you can go for the Amethyst and Crystal Copper color way which looks great with that favorite springtime summer dress.  

If you are looking for the kind of necklace to bead for your special wedding or a fancy ball, the White Opal is a favorite! You can wear any one of these color ways for special occasions or every day, and you will feel like a queen!  

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Kit Details

Skill Level: Intermediate

It is good to have previous knowledge of:
Right-angle weave

Each beadwork kit includes:

  • 3 colors of 11/0 Japanese seed beads

  • 2 colors of 15/0 Japanese seed beads

  • 1 color of 8/0 Japanese seed beads

  • Swarovski Chatons

  • Swarovski Pear Shaped Crystals

  • 3mm Swarovski Round Crystals

  • Swarovski Roses Montees Crystals

  • Earring Findings

  • 3mm Skewer Stick

  • Beading needles

  • 1 bobbin of Nymo thread (Size D)

  • 1 handy carrying case

  • Full color instructions with illustrations and a picture of the completed beadwork

7 Beautiful Kit Colors

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