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Why Choose our Kits?


  • Our kits are exclusive designer kits by Melanie Potter with step-by-step detailed instructions.

  • Phone and email support

  • All kits are tested for accuracy
    of contents

  • Specially developed color palettes ensure color harmony

I love the way you package the bead kits and label everything. Shows so much love and pride and the products are really first-rate.

Leigh, San Diego CA

Anatomy of our Kits


Absolutely fabulous directions! Love the neck chain on Wildflowers.  My beaded piece turned out great and I loved doing it!


Joanne, Victoria, TX

About our Patterns


What are Others Saying?

I love to make Kits from Melanie! Melanie makes her instructions so clear with illustrated instructions. I always finish her Designs and I really appreciate what Melanie's does. Byzantine Jewels is a Beautiful Necklace and it's fun to make! The Pendant is Gorgeous and earrings are beautiful too.  I wear this Necklace with everything! Great Design to make. Thanks Melanie!

Rose, Coral Gables FL

Swag Collar, WOW what a Great Kit! It is Gorgeous! It's fun to make this Design and with very clear instructions like all of Melanie's kits. My beaded piece came out perfect and i'm proud of it when I wear it around because is Beautiful


Jean Marie, Detroit MI

I have Pining Over You, and I really enjoyed making it! The instructions are very easy to follow whit lots of Pictures & Tips to make it easier for us to do. I fell in love with this Amazing Necklace. I felt Melanie’s love when i made this Necklace WOW! There is a lot of joy in this kit and recommend this Fun Elegant & intricated Necklace to everyone...

Sylvie, Laval, QC

I really enjoyed making Flower Motif Necklace.  The clear instructions were amazing.  It's easy to follow step by step and they make it easy to see where to go to do this Project. I love the color of this Necklace and the big glittery stone is gorgeous and it's fun to make! Those little Rose Montées around each bezel stone gave an elegant touch to this necklace and I love to wear it!


Holly, Columbia WA

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