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Pomponia's Pearls



In early and classical Rome, pearls were highly prized, they were considered the ultimate symbol of wealth, social standing, and prestige. They were worn only by those considered fitting the higher echelons of society. Often used as ornaments, they bedecked Roman triumphal processions. Pliny records that in 61 BC at the triumphal procession of Pompey, there were 33 crowns of pearls and numerous pearl ornaments. One Roman Emperor loved pearls so much that he decorated his favorite horse with a pearl necklace and wore slippers embroidered with pearls.  


This design is named after the dignified and lovely Roman citizen, Pomponia Graecina, in the historical novel Qua Vadis, who adopted a little girl and loved her like her own daughter into adulthood. The knitted bond of love between them is a very touching picture of grace. With this in mind, the necklace was designed to be a graceful representation of ornamentation of that day but with a modern twist.

The necklace is a thick band of pearls resembling a ribbon. The scalloped edging is created using a scallop stitch the entire length of the band. Tassels, which date back thousands of years, is a wonderful addition to a design to add fluid movement. The tassel in Pomponia's Pearls has a three dimensional finial with two layers so that the pearl embellishments flair out slightly creating a skirt and a modulating shape to provide visual interest. The long pearl fringing is graduated in sizes which provides visual balance to enhance the aesthetics and is anchored and hidden inside the tassel. The clasp uses the same pearls to create the toggle with a T-bar that joins in a loop to close the necklace.


This is a wonderful addition to for any attire because of the practical length and use of pearls which is a classic for any wardrobe. It is also very comfortable and flowing to wear.

Each kit includes all the supplies you need to make a matching pair of earrings to match the necklace.

Kit Details

Skill Level: Intermediate



Scallop Stitch



Each beadwork kit includes:

  • 1 color of 15/0 seed beads

  • 1 color of 11/0 seed beads

  • 2 colors of 11/0 cylinder beads

  • 2mm Czech pearls

  • 3mm Swarovski pearls

  • 4mm Swarovski pearls

  • 5mm Swarovski pearls

  • 6mm Swarovski pearls

  • Silver or gold filled earwires

  • Silver or gold filled rolo chain

  • Jumbo paper clip for toggle

  • 1 bobbin of OneG beading thread

  • Beading Needles

  • 1 handy carrying case

  • Full color instructions with illustrations and a picture of the completed beadwork

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