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Flowers of The Field Necklace and Earrings

Elegant and Classic Chevron Chain Project



Flowers have been the inspiration of much art, music and poetry. Their delicate petals and fragrant scents are a delight to gaze upon and experience. This fanciful necklace and earring set was inspired by the wonder of small flowers. The necklace is full of blossoms in two sizes, stitched in Chevron Chain and Peyote Stitches. Each petal is a movable component that is hinged from the center of the flower. The large flowers feature a center woven in Circular Chevron Chain and embellished with 2mm Swarovski crystals. The center of each flower showcases a faceted Swarovski stone. Foliage cascades between flowers stitched in square stitch and Chevron Chain. The closure is a Peyote buckle and loop that snaps at the back. The matching dangle earrings can be made in three different lengths depending on the amount of foliage you choose.

Use Your Chevron Skills!

Melanie uses enjoyable stitch techniques mostly in Chevron Chain for this design.  Chevron stitching goes faster than a lot of other seed bead stitches so the accomplishment on this project will be great for the time you bead.  Flowers of alternating colors are made as you go, weaving them onto the structure of the necklace.  This design uses 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads together to create the shapes.  The clasp is a very secure simple Peyote strap and loop with a snap, making it easy to bead and secure and easy to use on the necklace connect.  The kit includes the supplies to make the necklace and a set of earrings that match the necklace with quality sterling silver or gold filled French ear wires.   The full color illustrated instructions are packed full of detailed illustrations and step by step descriptions that take you through each step carefully.  

Wear it Everywhere!

Flowers of The Field is not just a great project and accomplishment to bead, it is a stylish and flexible addition to your wearable art collection!  You can wear this set in anything from jeans all the way up to that fancy Emmy Awards dinner that you got invited to go to with Brad Pitt.  It is fun and playful and is sure to get lots of oohs and aahs everywhere you decide to show it off.  You can make it to the size you want to with the supplies in the kit.  

FOTF Metallic Blue Pacific Opal 01.jpg
Concepts Covered

Build a flower and foliage covered necklace and earrings using fun and fast stitching techniques

  • Learn to make flower petals with graduated colors to create depth

  • Learn a simple technique to bezel a Swarovski crystal faceted stone

  • Learn both flat and circular Chevron Chain

  • Learn to create a balanced composition in the floral necklace as if it were a painting

  • Learn a simple and secure clasp with a strip of peyote and right angle weave loop


Chevron Chain
Circular Chevron Chain
Right angle weave

FOTF Olive Amethyst 01.jpg
FOTF Kit.jpg
Kit Details

Beadwork kit includes:

  • 15/0 Japanese seed beads

  • 11/0 Japanese seed beads

  • 8 mm round crystal pointed-back carbochons, Swarovski article 1028

  • 2mm Swarovski round crystals

  • 2mm chain

  • French ear wires: gold-filled or sterling

  • 4mm snap for closure 

  • Nylon beading thread

  • Size 12 beading needles

  • 1 handy carrying case

Tools Needed: Small scissors, round nose pliers, microcrystalline wax (optional but recommended), beading surface such as a vellux mat, beading light, magnification if desired.

Finished size: 30" (kit includes supplies to lengthen if desired)

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