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Workshop Length: One day class
Skill Level: Intermediate


  • Peyote (circular & flat)

  • Ndebele

  • Fringing


Dimensions: 18” long x 1” wide

Laurelia Blue Pearls.jpg
Laurelia Purple Pearls.jpg

Laurelia necklace design is inspired by the beautiful Peruvian nutmeg tree which is an evergreen tree with rice pearl shaped buds and fringy flowers. Laurelia features fancy flowers along the front neckline stitched in peyote and fringing with a zircon setting at the center. These flowers are linked together and attach to the necklace. The necklace features budding vines at the center with a cord woven in Ndebele surrounding it to provide definition and strength to the necklace. Both ends of the cord feature zircon bezels to provide additional visual interest. The clasp incorporates the same style of flower with a hidden earth magnet to create a secure closure.

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