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Workshop Length: One day class
Skill Level: Intermediate


  • Flat and tubular peyote

  • Herringbone

  • Stringing

  • Embellishing


Dimensions: 6.5” long, 0.75″ wide

Cique Wristlet Chartreuse.jpg
Cinque Wristlet Silver.jpg

Cinque Wristlet is a contemporary rendition of a thin cuff using an array of five baguette zircon stones in a repeat pattern as the focal of the cuff. A fluid movement in the wristlet is achieved through lots of dangling fine chain in sterling silver or gold-filled cable chain creating a statement of glamour. The texture of the band is created by using different bead sizes and two different platforms are stitched together creating a jagged edge. A Loop & Button strap securely closes this cuff making it very easy when sizing to the wrist for a comfortable length.

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