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Workshop Length: One day class
Skill Level: Intermediate


  • Peyote (circular, tubular & flat)

  • Stitch in the Ditch

  • Stringing

  • Edging

Acanthus 04.jpg
Acanthus Golden Bronze.jpg

The Acanthus Necklace is a long chain with two types of repeating links, a figure 8 and a round link. The focal point of the necklace is the large beads. Acanthus beads, one tear-drop and the others round, depict an Acanthus leaf in relief with a patina finish giving the engraving depth and beauty. The large drop-shaped bead is the focal point with a dangling acanthus fringe mimicking the relief pattern on the bead surface. The large round beads create weight within the necklace structure and provided balance. The round links repeat the round shape of the beads and are filled with netting to give it a gossamer thread-like appearance like the scroll work on the beads.

Classical architecture dates to the Greco Roman time of the Mediterranean world. It was based on exacting principles and rules which exuded elegance and harmony with precision and accuracy in procedure, thereby begetting some of the most astoundingly beautiful edifices known of all time.

A prevalent feature of decorative detail during this time was the Acanthus leaf which has been reinterpreted in many forms. One excellent example of the curling Acanthus leaf is on Corinthian columns which grace many capitals today.

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