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Imperial Crown Necklace



The shape of this pendant resembles a traditional royal crown with intricate shaping on the top and bottom of the crown. Like a puzzle, each piece is connected in specific detail to form a three-dimensional structure. Angled bezels run along the walls of the pendant and are embellished with scrollwork. A bezeled Zircon with a long neck attaches to the backing of the pendant in the shape of a star. 

The necklace are strands of odd-count peyote finished with a decorative stitch for a feminine touch. A button and loop closure secure the necklace and uses the same components from the pendant to pull everything together in cohesion.

Kit Details

Skill level: Intermediate

Techniques: Peyote (circular & flat), Stitch in the Ditch, Stringing, Edging

5 Beautiful Kit Colors

Gold & Amethyst
Rose Gold
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